Bespoke Software Development

Meeting the exact software needs of any problem or scenario can be a challenging and often daunting exercise. 'To buy off the shelf, build it myself, or outsource?'. With off the shelf systems rarely meeting your exact requirements and bespoke software often seen as risky and expensive, generally the first question faced by IT decision makers is the hardest.

Bespoke software does not have to be risky or expensive. With the right attitude, methodology and by always focusing on business need, bespoke software can actually be simpler to implement and less expensive than a packaged solution. Bespoke software can be delivered in bitesized chunks, constantly evaluating project progress and direction and incrementally building towards the right, finished product.

Why Solution 7?

We are different. From our UK base, we form deep relationships with our customers by working exceptionally closely with them. Together, with our core technologies, products and processes, we deliver truly compelling solutions that form a unique customer solution to suit our unique customer needs.

As a developer of bespoke software, working with the worlds leading organisations building bespoke systems and solving their specific software problems, let us answer your first software questions.