Public Sector

At Solution 7 we are proud to deliver complex software solutions in partnership with the public sector.

Our exceptional track record of sucessfully delivering to the public sector uniquely positions us to build robust, cost effective and long life systems that deliver real stakeholder value across the government landscape, where too often complex projects fail.

With misaligned expectations undermining relationships and leading to tension and conflict, we believe in delivering software in partnership with our customers, focusing on real business value throughout the project lifecycle. Our determination to always exceed the expectations of our customer ensures that our relationships are strong and systems robust.

Case Study

Managed using DSDM and developed in Microsoft .NET, Solution 7 sucessfully developed and continues to support the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) for the Environment Agency, NIEA, SEPA and BIS.

" unusual piece of Government IT in that it has been sucessfully delivered on time and to cost"

Ben Bradshaw - MP

Department for Business Innovation and Skills